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Nextel’s new logo launch at Madre (Buenos Aires)


Nextel’s new logo launch

Nextel wanted to announce their new logo design, but nobody is interested in new logos. Inspired by the campaign theme "Talk like a parrot", we decided to make an animated short film to played on cinemas all over Argentina, that would be presented by "Nextel's new logo". The shortfilm launch was supported by a teaser on TV and web.

The teaser

Shortly after the campaign, we used the characters and the universe from the shorfilm to talk about their new products and services, such as Motorola's Titanium, and Nextel's prepaid plans

Billboads – Motorola Titanium 

Billboads – Motorola Titanium 

30” spot – Motorola Titanium

30” spot – Prepaid plan

Client: Nextel
Agency: Madre Buenos Aires
Production Company: Meindbender